Derrick & Boyd

(running time: 25:39)


Two female thieves, (Beatrice) Derrick and (Rita) Boyd, embark on a road trip to bury a body of a man who accidentally died during a robbery.

Production History:

The screenplay won the Sanford International Film Festival Script-to-Screen competition, and was subsequently shot in Sanford, Maine, in association with FakeCharmer Productions.

Written By:
Greg Tulonen

Directed By:
Chris Goodwin

Alexis Safoyan
Nora Eschenheimer
Anthony Gaudette
Kamarra Cole
Codey Gillum

Poster Art:
Greg Charland


Boston, Massachusetts
April 16, 2022
Worcester, Massachusetts
April 16, 2022
Burlington, Vermont
April 23, 2022
Atlanta, Georgia
May 1, 2022
New York, New York
August 8, 2022
Worcester, Massachusetts
September 23, 2022
Arlington, Massachusetts
October 5, 2022
Cranston, Rhode Island
October 15, 2022
Newton, Massachusetts
October 23, 2022
West Newton, Massachusetts
November 11, 2022
Mount Dora, Florida
January 21, 2023

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