Greg Tulonen writes novels and screenplays, short stories and comic books, web series and audio dramas, and an occasional play. His projects include:

Black Lady, Chase the Lady, Crubs
Dr. Xivray and the Presidential Peril
How Grandma Met the Rat Pack
The Tachyon Solution

Derrick & Boyd
On a Country Road
The Playground
A Safe Space
Sui Generis
The Tollbooth Incident

How Grandma Met the Rat Pack
Just Before the War with the Robots
The Proposal

Actual Conversations With My Kids
Night Is Falling

Web Series
The Kid Who Loved Indiana Jones
Ragged Isle

Restless Shores
The Tachyon Solution
The Vampire Monologues

Many of these projects are collaborations, featuring the work of insanely talented co-writers, artists, directors, actors, musicians, and crews. Click through each link for additional credits.